Le unità stratigrafiche di riferimento nella rappresentazione cartografica dei depositi Plio-Quaternari continentali nel progetto CARG - esempi relativi all'Italia centro-meridionale

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Il Quaternario Italian Journal of Quaternary Sciences, 21(1A), 2008, 57-60
Elena LA POSTA, Stefania NISIO & Felicia PAPASODARO

Within the new geological Map of Italy at the 1:50.000 scale, unconformity bounded stratigraphic units have mostly been adopted, in the Central-Southern part of the country, to represent Quaternary continental deposits. However, field geologists applied different criteria for their classification because of both the lack of prescriptions by stratigraphic codes and the absence of previous experience with such units in the Italian setting. In some areas UBSU have been used as tools that allow us to synthesize: in a regional framework only a few units, bounded by disconformity related to important climatic events, have been identified. In other areas, due to the complex recent geological evolution and to poor correlation elements, UBSU have allowed only for local synthesis.

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