Lo sviluppo e il futuro della time scale del Neogene: un breve riassunto

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Il Quaternario Italian Journal of Quaternary Sciences, 21(1A), 2008, 17-22
Fabrizio LIRER & Silvia IACCARINO

During the last years, much progress has been made in the standardization of the Neogene Global Chronostratigraphic Scale by defining GSSPs. All late Neogene stage boundaries are by now defined in astronomically or paleomagnetically tuned land-based marine sections in the Mediterranean. At present, seven GSSPs are formally defined: base of the Pleistocene (Neogene/Quaternary boundary), base of the Gelasian, base of the Piacenzian, base of the Zanclean (Miocene/Pliocene boundary), base of the Messinian, base of the Tortonian, base of the Neogene (Oliogocene/Miocene boundary) and the definition of the GSSP of the Serravallian is submitted.

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