90° Congresso della Società Geologica Italiana

Eventi con patrocinio AIQUA
Data: Martedì 14 Settembre 2021 00:00 - Giovedì 16 Settembre 2021 00:00

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In occasione del prossimo Congresso della Società Geologica Italiana (Trieste, 14-16 Settembre, 2021), segnaliamo le proposte di due sessioni tematiche patrocinate da AIQUA. La scadenza per la sottomissione degli abstract è il 16 Maggio 2021.


P24. Holocene climate
Conveners: Eleonora Regattieri [CNR IGG], Fabrizio Lirer [CNR ISMAR], Leonardo Tamborrino [MARUM]
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The Holocene, formally subdivided (June 2018) in three stages (Greenlandian, Northgrippian and Meghalayan), is an epoch for which a wide range of climatic, biotic, geomorphological and archaeological evidences show the occurrence of important, possibly abrupt, climate oscillations (e.g., Little Ice Age, Medieval Optimum, 4.2 or 8.2 events).
These past changes represent important time windows to study the effect of temperature and precipitation variability on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and offer the unique opportunity to disentangle the relationship between the natural climate and environmental change and the development of ancient human societies. However, the increasing number of past climate reconstructions, also integrating data from different paleoarchives, often depicts contrasting past scenarios, suggesting that the spatial and temporal patterns of Holocene climate variability and the role of the different external forcing and internal feedbacks are not yet fully understood.
The Holocene is probably the most intensively studied epoch within the geological time scale. In this session, we invite contribution regarding paleoclimate reconstruction from different archives (marine and lacustrine sediment cores, ice cores, peat bogs, speleothems, tree rings, corals) that used a mosaic of different proxies to better assess the different aspects of the long- and short-term Holocene climate evolution, as well as the related environmental responses and the potential links between climate and human activities and impacts.

Sessione patrocinata da AIQUA


P25. Quaternary climate and sea level change
Conveners: Matteo Vacchi [University of Pisa], Gaia Mattei [University of Naples - Parthenope], Vincenzo Pascucci [University of Sassari]
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Climate and sea level changes are some of the main topics with which humans will have to deal in the next decades. Investigating how the climate changed in the past is one of the keys to produce possible future scenarios in the short/medium term and to define how much the human impact has and is affecting these changes.
The coastal and adjacent areas are those most affected by climate changes and are those in which small changes eustatic, isostatic and/or anthropogenic triggered significant environmental modifications.
This session welcomes contributions presenting recent the advancements in the definition of drivers and magnitude of Quaternary sea-level changes at both global and regional scale.  We invite submissions reporting sea-level reconstructions using a variety of proxies (e.g., sedimentary, geomorphic, archaeological etc.) and sea-level/climate forecast of the close by future. In particular, this session welcomes presentations covering all aspects of observation, paleoclimate reconstruction and innovative modeling tools which can help to reduce the uncertainty in the projections of future global sea level rise.

Sessione patrocinata da AIQUA




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