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Volume 18 (1)

Geomorphosites: a bridge betwenn scientific research, cultural integration and artistic suggestion
Mario PANIZZA & Sandra PIACENTE | pp. 3-10 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
Geosites and Geodiversity for a cultural approach to Geology
Sandra PIACENTE | pp. 11-14 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
“Pre-Geosite” bibliography: a proposal of exploitation
Alberto CARTON, Roberto SEPPI, Francesco ZUCCA, Luisa PELLEGRINI & Paolo BONI | pp. 15-21 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
A geomorphosites inventory in central Piemonte (NW Italy): first results
Alberto COSTAMAGNA | pp. 23-37 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
The Geomorphosites in Lombardy
Luisa PELLEGRINI, Paolo BONI, Pierluigi VERCESI, Alberto CARTON, Lamberto LAURETI & Francesco ZUCCA with contribution of Stefania DE VITA | pp. 39-61 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
Geomorphosites in Trentino: a first census
Marco AVANZINI, Alberto CARTON, Roberto SEPPI & Riccardo TOMASONI | pp. 63-78 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
Geomorphological sites in the northern Marche (Italy). examples from autochthon anticline ridges and from Val Marecchia allochthon
Olivia NESCI, Daniele SAVELLI, Antonio DILIGENTI & Diego MARINANGELI | pp. 79-91 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
The main geomorphosites in Umbria
Lucilia GREGORI, Laura MELELLI, Silvia RAPICETTA & Andrea TARAMELLI | pp. 93-101 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
The geosites of the Cilento-Vallo di Diano National Park (Campania region, southern Italy)
Nicoletta SANTANGELO, Antonio SANTO, Domenico GUIDA, Roberto LANZARA & Vincenzo SIERVO | pp. 103-114 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
Proposal for a thematic itinerary on geomorphological sites along the western coast of the Salento Peninsula, southern Italy
Giovanni PALMENTOLA & Maurizio LAZZARI | pp. 115-123 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
Inventory of the geopalaeontological heritage in protected areas of the Campania Apennines
Daniela RUBERTI, Marco VIGLIOTTI, Giuseppe SIRNA & Maurizio MUSELLI | pp. 125-136 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
The main geomorphosites of the Egadi Islands (Sicily, Italy)
Raniero MASSOLI-NOVELLI | pp. 137-143 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
Karst Geomorphosites of Monte Albo (north-east Sardinia)
Jo DE WAELE, Felice DI GREGORIO & Aldo PALA | pp. 145-153 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
The italian register of natural hypogean geosites: a preliminary report
Leonardo PICCINI, Ugo SAURO, Jo DE WAELE & Paolo MIETTO | pp. 155-162 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
In search of “Underground urban geosites”. The city of Modena “Upside-Down”
Milena BERTACCHINI | pp. 163-166 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
Submerged geomorphosites in the marine protected areas of Sardinia (Italy): assessment and improvement
Paolo ORRÙ, Valeria PANIZZA & Antonio ULZEGA | pp. 167-174 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
Glacial landforms in the Apuan Alps (Tuscany - Italy): features in danger of extinction
Monica BINI | pp. 175-178 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
Proposal for preservation and protection of the Marche region mud volcanoes (central Italy)
Piero FARABOLLINI, Marco MATERAZZI & Gianni SCALELLA | pp. 179-184 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
Geology and geomorphology of the “Rosandra” Valley for a cultural enhancement
Franco CUCCHI, Alessio MEREU, Sara OBERTI, Chiara PIANO, Anna ROSSI & Luca ZINI | pp. 185-196 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)
An itinerary around the Apuan alps (Tuscany, Italy): an example of landscape modelled by different agents
Monica BINI | pp. 197-201 | Abstract (PDF)Full text (PDF)