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Data: Martedì 2 Luglio 2019 00:00 - Venerdì 5 Luglio 2019 00:00

Luogo: Milano  |  Città: Milano, Italia

January 2019 update : SECOND CIRCULAR

First Circular

We are pleased to announce the third International Congress on Stratigraphy, which will be held in Milano (Italy), 2-5 July 2019 Following the first edition of this congress, held in Lisbon (Portugal) in 2013 and the second edition organized in Graz (Austria) in 2015, the third edition of STRATI has been assigned by the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) to Italy, a country with a long historical tradition in Stratigraphy since the 17th century. Some milestones in the history of Stratigraphy were added in Italy by outstanding scientists such as Niels Stensen and Giovanni Arduino. Moreover, a wide variety of extraordinary stratigraphic successions and settings, often preserved in breath-taking natural environments, can be visited in Italy. The topics of the congress will range from the Precambrian to the Holocene and will include all the stratigraphic techniques. The congress will provide the opportunity to discuss the recent developments in the study of the stratigraphy of the volcanic areas, Antarctic and Arctic sedimentary successions and ice caps, as well as of crystalline rocks. We also invite specialists from georesources exploration and hydrogeology to present their most advanced contributions to subsurface stratigraphy. As in previous editions, the congress will also host meetings of the ICS and of its Subcommissions to debate topics and problems in updating and improving the geological time scale.

We thank you in advance for your attention and hope to welcome many of you in Milano in July 2019!


The General Chairs of the Congress 

Marco Balini and Elisabetta Erba 


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Via Festa del Perdono, 7
20122 Milano MI, Italia


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