AIQUA Italian Association for the Study of Quaternary
The Italian Association for Quaternary Studies (AIQUA) collects scholars from both academia and professionals who share an interest in studying the most recent epochs of Earth's history, the Pleistocene and the Olocene.
In the association there are active researchers from different fields, including geology, geomorphology, paleontology, geocronology, archeology, paleoclimatology and paleoecology.
  • Represents the Italian organization of reference for the study of the evolution of the Quaternary, the climate and the modifications of the territory that took place during this period;
  • Promotes studies through the magazine "AMQ - Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary", already "Il Quaternario - Italian Journal of Quaternary Sciences" and the organization of conferences, summer schools and excursions on the ground;
  • Is the Italian reference of INQUA - International Union for Quaternary Research;